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  1. Mechanical Overhauls
    The aim of a mechanical overhaul is to get your instrument in better-than-new working and playing condition.
    Mechanical overhauls include a COA plus the complete replacement of all pads, corks, felts and teflon or other synthetic materials. Keywork will be refit to remove both lateral and radial play. Tone holes will be resurfaced to allow optimal pad sealing without compromising the integrity of the instrument. On metal bodied instruments, dents will be removed and damaged solder joints repaired. If needed, the neck will also be refit and lapped to insure a leak free connection. On wood bodied instruments, the body will be cleaned if needed, and oiled with a special blend of natural oils.
  2. Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA)
    The aim of a COA is similar to any preventative maintenance you might do to your automobile.
    Clean, oil, adjusts (COA) include complete disassembly of the instrument. The body of the instrument will be cleaned by the least aggressive means possible to do a complete and thorough job. Minor polishing and body work will also be completed at this time. Pads will be examined and replaced as needed. Typically, most adjustment materials are replaced at this time unless they are in exceptional condition.
  3. Play Condition Servicing
    The aim of play condition servicing is to get the instrument back to a playable condition.
    Play Condition Servicing range from simple adjustments, to the replacement of several pads and corks. Cleaning of necks and/or mouthpieces, removing stuck objects, leveling and reseating pads.
  4. Modification/Customization
    Something you have in mind? Just ask!
    Past modifications have included: wooden end plugs, wooden palm key risers, tuning adjusments through keyheight and tonehole modificatoin, replacing missing neck rings, clarinet tuning rings, clarinet tenon sleeves, clarinet and oboe tenon replacement, case modification, custom case building, removing lacquer, finger touch extensions, plating prep. If there is something you have in mind, we will do our best to meet your wants and needs.

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